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mmm...ever good fish!

You can almost taste this deliciously tangy fish,  pan fried in a coating recipe that has been refined over generations.

Deliciously Tangy Fish Coating

Amaze your family and friends by cooking your fish in our deliciously tangy fish coating.   At Chiblow Fish, we provide a coating recipe that has been passed down for generations. Try it on chicken and pork chops too!

We offer a CELIAC friendly (gluten free) fish batter/coating which tastes the same as our regular stuff, be sure to specifically request our gluten free version when ordering, or, arranging your event menu.

Order your Batter/Coating (500 grams) here, or, buy our deliciously tangy fish coating at any of the events we attend.

You can have our batter/coating delivered right to your door.

Send $25 (includes shipping) with your return address, payable to:

Bob Chiblow, P.O. Box 476 | Blind River, Ontario, P0R 1B0

also, you can send payment via Interact email to bobchiblow@chiblowfish.com , use 'fishbatter'  as question/answer and ensure your return address is in the message box.

Turn yourself into a fish fry chef by purchasing our fish coating/batter.

Coated and Battered Fish - Fish Coating