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mmm...ever good fish!

You can almost taste this deliciously tangy fish,  pan fried in a coating recipe that has been refined over generations.

Deliciously Tangy Fish Batter/Coating

Amaze your family and friends by cooking your fish in our deliciously tangy fish coating.   At Chiblow Fish, we provide a coating recipe that has been passed down for generations. Try it on chicken and pork chops too!

We offer a CELIAC friendly (gluten free) fish batter/coating which tastes the same as our regular stuff, be sure to specifically request our gluten free version when ordering, or, arranging your event menu.

Order your Batter/Coating here, or, buy our deliciously tangy fish coating at any of the events we attend.

$10/32 oz container

(will coat 10 lbs of fish)

You can have our batter/coating delivered right to your door.

Send your order witb your email & location, we will determine shipping. you can then send payment via ETRANSFER email to bobchiblow@chiblowfish.com , use 'fishbatter'  as question/answer,, or, call 1-705-849-5055, we accept credit cards.

  • email location, with return address
  • text me 705-849-5055 for details

Turn yourself into a fish fry chef by purchasing our fish coating/batter.

Coated and Battered Fish - Fish Coating