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Mississauga First Nation
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mmm...ever good fish!

You can almost taste this deliciously tangy fish,  pan fried in a coating recipe that has been refined over generations.

Amazing Catering Service - Call/Text Bob @ 1-705-849-5055  directly to inquire about our availability, menu and costs.           We offer a flexible fish, seafood & BBQ menu. 

Delight your guests with a fish fry from Chiblow Fish. We will set up at your site. Our experience operating fish and chip booths at local pow wows and larger events like the 2014 Elders Picnic (produced over 1100 plates.) ensures the meal portion of  your event will run smooth. We cook our fish with your choice of sides. We recently fried fish for 2600 people at the 2017 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education held at Fort York Historical Site. Gotta say Chi-Meegwetch to Hiawatha's Catering for hiring us to do the fish for that event. Great experience and test of our limits, lol!

Any Size Event - Available Year Round

If you need to feed 50, or, 2600 people, we can do it. Chiblow Fish has the commercial equipment & staff to fry fish/cater any size event at anytime of the year. We can talk about your catering request and work to make it happen at a cost that will suit your budget.

Flexible Menu

Receive complete food catering services at affordable prices. Our catering service is budget friendly. Great fish, but, we also offer seafood (live lobster, etc.) & BBQ options.  Your people will enjoy our deliciously tangy, mainly pan-fried pickerel served with your choice of sides. If you prefer a specific side dish, or, want to save money and make your own, contact us, we can talk about the menu, logistics and cost.


•Pickerel, lobsters, BBQ & more.  Scone, beans, wild rice, salads, coleslaw, corn on the cob & more

We'll go anywhere if enough guests, cal/text Bob to inquire.    1-705-849-5055

Contact us to enjoy an unforgettable day with our fish catering services. Also, we can offer Celiac friendly (gluten free) fish coating