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Located at:
102 Ella Drive
Mississauga First Nation
(877) 794-1860

mmm...ever good fish!

You can almost taste this deliciously tangy fish,  pan fried in a coating recipe that has been refined over generations.

Wiisnin giigon!                                      FISH FRY CATERING SERVICE (BBQ available for non-fish eaters)

Inquire NOW on our availability to CATER your EVENT.                                              BOOK US SOON!

Visit us on the Pow Wow trail and ask for your LNHL Discount! $1 off lemonade, or, $2 off Fish n Chips!

Thanks for visiting our booth at the 2018 Little NHL. We hope to see you there next year!

We'll travel anywhere for your larger EVENT, ask us!

Call/text Bob directly @ 1-705-849-5055 to inquire about our availability, menu and cost to host a fish fry at your event.

Have proposed dates, location and estimated # of guests you want to feed.

Catered Event - Fish and Chips

Pan fried PICKEREL with fries, beans, scone, wild rice, or, corn on the cob!  mmm...you can almost taste it!

We can offer BBQ burgers, hotdogs, or, sausages for your non-fish eaters!

Plate of Food - Fish and Chips

We're insured & our workers are Safe Food Handling Certified.

Man Fishing - Fish and Chips

Catering Service - We'll go anywhere if you have enough people to feed, just ask!

Turn any event into a feast with the fish fry catering service  of Chiblow Fish. We'll do everything, or, just do the fish.

Give Bob a call/text directly at 1-705-849-5055 to inquire about our availability, menu and quote.

A fish fry is surprisingly affordable. Inquire now.  With a HACCP approved supplier, we have access to almost any fish but we usually use walleye/pickeral.

Need to feed a large group? We've produced 1100 plates (lunch hour) for the 2014 Elders Picnic, also, prepared fish for 2600 people at the 2017 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education. 

Enjoy our fish (celiac friendly batter/coating available) with your choice of sides. Beans, scone, corn on the cob, salads, coleslaw, wild rice are just some options.

We offer BBQ choices for the non-fish eaters at your event. Burgers, sausage, or, hotdogs are items to compliment the fish fry!

We do:

  • community feasts
  • band program events
  • weddings
  • family gatherings
  • graduations
  • corporate/club events
  • sports banquets 
  • can feed any large event
  • 50-2600 guests, we can feed them!

About Chiblow Fish - Owned and operated by Bob Chiblow & Rhonda Peltier

Bob and Rhonda operate a small Anishinabek fishery in Northern Ontario; we catch, clean and cook our own fish in order to maximize the value of our limited catch. In recent years, our volumes have required us to source a reliable supply of fish, we did and now have a steady supply from a HACCP approved supplier. We can now offer a year round fish fry catering service. Our fish is usually pan fried in a deliciously tangy coating recipe that has been passed down for generations.You can find us at various summer events, mainly on the pow wow trail. If you have an organizational, or, family gathering, we can come to you. Hire Chiblow Fish to cater your event, call us to check our availability, menu options and cost. Meegwetch!